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FTTH Training Programme

What is FTTH

FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) is defined as a communication architecture in which the final connection into the subscriber’s home or place of business is optical fiber. FTTH is one of the key communication methodologies to serve internet user with high speed broadband service.

What We Provide

As a future proof investment for people working in FTTH industry by ensuring their skills and qualifications are consistent and reflect the needs of local communication network for offering next generation of broadband service.

  • To indicate the level of technical competency in FTTH which means the users need to passed the assessment test (pre and post) together with the 3 days attendance to get the certificate qualification.

  • Participant will gain the knowledge on fundamental of FTTH, deployment, design, installation, testing
    & commissioning.

Benefit for User

Training Course Programme


Fundamental of Fiber Optic

  • Introduction of optical fiber

  • Optical Fiber construction

  • Optical Fiber cable construction

  • Optical Fiber characteristics

  • Optical Fiber cleanliness

  • Optical Fiber connectivity

  • Optical communication health and safety


Basic fiber optic Hands-on Tutorial

  • FRP cables (outdoor and indoor)

  • Mechanical Splicing vs Fusion Splicing

  • Mode Field Diameter Mismatch

  • G.652D/G.657A/G.657B


FTTH Design and Architecture

  • Why Deploy FTTH?

  • FTTH Fiber Component

  • FTTH Network Architecture and Design

  • FTTH Network Installation


FTTH installation Hands-on Tutorial

  • Field assembly connector installation

  • Insertion Loss Testing

  • Optical Return Loss Testing

  • Fiber characterization

  • Troubleshooting


FTTH Testing and Commissioning

  • Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Insertion Loss & Optical Return Loss

  • FTTH Testing Phase

  • FTTH Troubleshooting

  • OTDR Specification and Test Method


FTTH Testing and Troubleshooting Tutorial

  • OTDR Setup & Test Parameter

  • Testing on FTTH end-to-end network,
    including of troubleshooting.

  • Reporting & Documentation


What We're All About


Established in Year 1988, Kumpulan Abex (KABEX) Sdn Bhd is one of the pioneering home grown companies then in Malaysia to focus in Photonics products and solutions. In view of the growing trends and requirements in the field of security and building automation for commercial sector, another division was dedicated a few years later to focus businesses in the provision of solutions for building security and automation.


Over the years, we have built up a strong database with a wide variety of products to meet the local market demands as well as overseas.In order to fulfill the ever growing needs and requirements, our company has never stopped sourcing for new potentials and products as well as meeting with manufacturers and suppliers who can meet our customers’ requirements and able to cooperate with us.


Now, we are also proud to be certified as Service Centers for two (2) well known manufacturers which is SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES LTD and EXFO INC respectively. KABEX has invested in setting up a calibration and repair laboratory to provide fine adjustment and inspection of various optical instrument and fibre jointing (Fusion Splicer) equipment for local customer


In time to come, we would be expanding our operation to South East Asia countries as well. Currently we are operating our overseas business from our associate companies’ office located in countries like Vietnam and Singapore. Recently, we have opened up a new operation office in Bangkok, Thailand as of July 2013 in cooperation with one of our Thailand’s Associate Company. Our new operation inThailand is named Abex Technologies Co. Ltd

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