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FTTH Training Programme

What is FTTH

FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) is defined as a communication architecture in which the final connection into the subscriber’s home or place of business is optical fiber. FTTH is one of the key communication methodologies to serve internet user with high speed broadband service.

What We Provide

As a future proof investment for people working in FTTH industry by ensuring their skills and qualifications are consistent and reflect the needs of local communication network for offering next generation of broadband service.

  • To indicate the level of technical competency in FTTH which means the users need to passed the assessment test (pre and post) together with the 3 days attendance to get the certificate qualification.

  • Participant will gain the knowledge on fundamental of FTTH, deployment, design, installation, testing
    & commissioning.

Benefit for User

Training Course Programme


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